City of Dreams. Technological Environment for Life

25 May
Veb ventures vision Stage

The formation of a high-quality and attractive urban environment stimulates the development of not only the construction industry, but also significantly expands the introduction of innovative technologies in it. New technologies not only change the life of the city and citizens, but also create opportunities for new high-tech businesses.
As part of the session, real estate market participants will discuss the role of business in creating a comfortable and safe urban environment. In addition, on the agenda is a discussion of new mechanisms for interaction between industry leaders and innovative developers and start-ups.
Today, leading real estate developers are designing smart residential neighborhoods using a variety of innovative digital solutions. The introduction of new technologies not only changes the habitual way of life in new urban areas, but also creates a new quality of life in homes and neighborhoods, filling them with digital services and solutions. Smart residential complexes offer their residents an increased level of comfort and security, and the management company: convenient solutions for managing all processes, reducing building maintenance costs, and a significant competitive advantage.