Relinking. Corporate Enterprises Looking for New Partnerships

25 May
Veb ventures vision Stage

The rapid and often painful process of “digital transformation” undertaken by many companies back in 2020 because of a pandemic, was the beginning of a fundamental restructuring in the economy. And now, in the rapidly changing economic conditions, it is important for companies to understand how much they are prepared for change, because their company’s success depends on this readiness.
Today businesses are urgently reviewing investment budgets, speeding up decision-making processes, working on import independence, selecting goals and following only those that are necessary for survival. Today’s world of business is so unpredictable and changing so rapidly that even these companies often get puzzled and do not know what to do.

It is quite clear that changes are necessary. But how deep should they be? And how quick should they be implemented? And in general - which changes are needed? How to develop a skill to change in a company?