Rethinking Innovation. State, Markets and Society During the Recessionary Days

25 May
Veb ventures vision Stage

Tectonic shifts in the economy have become inevitable and now the global business community is experiencing a large-scale crisis that changes the rules of the game. The delayed effect of the pandemic, geopolitical factors, sanctions and non-market restrictions make the competition environment between companies even more turbulent, giving advantages to some businesses and infringing upon the rights of others, transforming production chains. It is quite clear that the technological business in Russia and worldwide will go through drastic changes.

The government made a choice in favor of technological sovereignty and import independence, building new production chains, keeping highly qualified personnel and complex businesses in the country. But do startup entrepreneurs, corporations and government officials understand each other well? Can they effectively work together?

  • What does the current situation mean for a technological investor and an entrepreneur? Will there be new market opportunities for startups?
  • Is there sufficient intellectual potential in the country for a breakthrough?