RussianTech. Startup as a Key to Technological Independence

25 May
Veb ventures vision Stage

Stressful market situation brings opportunities to the projects which are able to add value for the purposes of import substitution. Focus of innovations has changed a little; not in terms of technologies, but in terms of the target startup. Now the company is more interested in the projects aimed at solving problems with disrupted logistics chains, or offering solutions in biologization of agriculture, environmental and climate projects, technologies for finding new solutions within the current range of chemical products, import-substituting technologies for the production of certain products in oil refining and petrochemistry, and many other.
But while the external situation is still changing, and the new market environment has not been finalized yet, it is to early to talk about strategic changes.

  • Will the new technological businesses be able to solve the problem with import substitution?
  • Can startups become a driving force for the future technological breakthrough, and who is better at creating new products and technologies: small innovative enterprises or large technology corporations?
  • Will the small businesses be able to cover part of the gaps in the structure of industrial production?