Time Changes, Expression Changes

25 May
Startup stage

The new Valera & Natasha Cherkashyni.
We first encountered new technologies in art in 1999 at the School of Visual Arts in New York. We were periodically invited to speak there, and the director of the multimedia department called us “Russian Photoshop”, since we by hand did in our analog photographic works what the artists had already begun to do in Photoshop. By an act of will, he made us study Photoshop, which began a new digital era in our work.
Since 2003, we have completely switched to digital technologies. First, they created digital images, then video installations.
Several works have been acquired from the collections of the Houston Museum of Fine Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, and other major collections.
We will show some projects at our presentation: «Global Underground», «Evolution of Chaos», «Vibrations» and others. We will tell you how we gradually, evolving, moved away from traditional forms of expression in art.