Aleksey Solovyov




  • Venture Investor, Founder of A.Partners investment firm, Co-founder of AngelsDeck business angel club.
  • Founder of private investment company A.Partners that makes venture investments globally in early-stages startups on the emerging markets and provides advisory services to sustainable midcap technology businesses.
  • In 2020, together with other well-known business angels, founded the AngelsDeck angel club to carry out syndicated investments in early-stage projects.
  • Over the 2 years of its existence, the AngelsDeck club has invested more than $50 million in 100 deals.
  • Alexey acts as one of the serial syndicators in the club: he organized the participation of club members in 14 international deals.
  • Has been working in the venture capital market for over 10 years, starting in 2011 with the launch of Prostor Capital in the status of a Partner and Managing Director.
  • The fund is fully invested and is currently closed.
  • In 2019, after changing several c-level positions in the venture and private equity industry, Alexey founded the private investment company A.Partners.
  • On the venture market Alexey participated in working groups to develop a strategy for the venture market, changes in Russian legislation for the purposes of the VC market.
  • Since 2014, Alexey has been organizing the release of the annual research on technology entrepreneurship and venture investment markets «Startup Barometer» and «Venture Barometer».