It's Alive! From Lab to Real Life

25.05.2022 11:00

The systematic transformation of research results into technologies, and the development of business based on them, became the basic processes of the economy back in the 20th century. However, the growth in the number of developments taking place before our eyes, the deepening of specialization (division of labor), the digitization and increase in the availability of information, and the development of data analysis methods, lead to significant changes in the business models of companies and the systems of functioning of states. Increasing competition between countries places increased demands on scientific and educational systems. At the same time, the disruption of global chains of cooperation exacerbates the need for a quick completion of competencies that are lacking to create technological and business solutions that are in demand by the market. But, we must not forget about the formation of the scientific foundation for the medium and long-term competitiveness of both individual companies and corporations, and the country as a whole.
You can learn about the opportunities for researchers to make a significant contribution to economic development, about the tools to motivate scientists and engineers to interact with the real sector and the business community, about the leaders of scientific and technological communities, about the balance of short-term market goals and long-term research prospects, and much more you can learn from our expert discussion.